Avoid These 10 Stupid Coffee Maker Buying Mistakes That Newbies Make

Even if you have been a coffee lover, having a coffee maker at your home is a whole new ball game. It will still take a lot of research to decide what you want to buy. Buying a coffee machine can be a passionate decision for some, however it is important to be rational when deciding it.

Types of Coffee Makers

There are a various types of coffee makers. Let us take a look at some below for better understanding.

French Press

Coffee maker with a cylindrical container where the coffee grounds are placed, submerged in water. Next, you need to press the plunger and crush the grounds to make your coffee. The coffee is served from the top of the coffee maker. French Press is small, handy and makes good coffee.


Aeropress is a unique and compact coffee maker. It is lightweight, small and very efficient. Like French Press, you need to plunge down and make the coffee by crushing the grounds submerged in water. The coffee, however, comes out from bottom unlike the French Press. The grounds are left behind as the coffee comes out. The USP is that it works both ways.

Auto Drip Brewer

This is the most common and also widely sold coffee maker around the world. They are easy to use, inexpensive and automatic. The coffee maker has least manual interference and hence a convenient choice. Auto drip brewer is available in all shapes and sizes.

Usual Mistakes That People Make While Buying A Coffee Maker

Buying a coffee maker is a prominent decision. There are no two ways to conclude that any impulsive purchase of huge amount has a 50% probability of being a bad decision. It is important that the emotion is kept aside when deciding the model of coffee maker to avoid the below mistakes.

1. Not Doing A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Any purchase you make should be worth the amount you pay. You should be getting the worth of the money in the form of service. A machine that has a higher price tag can be a bad product and a product with a comparatively low price can be an efficient one. Compare the features, brand, service and price to decide of the cost is worth the benefit.

2. Rejecting Premature Options

When the decision is passion driven, you end up rejecting good and viable options without actually valuing them. If you decide that a coffee maker model is bad because it is cheaply priced or because it is second hand, that’s a premature rejection. Check the reviews, compare the features and then reject or approve it.

3. Blind Brand Loyalty

Don’t decide on buying a coffee maker because the brand is supposed to be good. It could very well be a disaster for you. Any decision taken based on the merely name of the brand and no other basis has grave chances of being one you’d go on to regret. It might result in the purchase of a product you never use, which defeats the entire purpose.

4. Undefined Needs

Merely the desire for a coffee maker does not identify your need. There are numerous types of coffee makers, each delivering on a different need. One would have more boilers, while one would make more quantity of coffee. You cannot get a coffee maker that gives caffeine shots if what you need is an extra milk coffee mug. Plan out exactly what you need and buy the model that achieves the same.

5. Ignoring The Ancillary Costs

Merely paying for the coffee machine is not your expense. Planning just for the cost of coffee machine is silly. You will need to check on the running costs like add on features you need, the ingredients required for the type of coffee maker that you have chosen, usage of power, etc. All of this must be taken into consideration when costing the purchase.

6. Buying an Overly Complex Machine

Buying a machine that you cannot figure out the working of is not an uncommon mistake. People see the coffee machines at cafes or restaurant and buy the same one without realizing that the mechanism could be too complex and unnecessary for daily use at home. This also blocks the avengue of usage of machine by anyone else at your home who needs a coffee.

7. Hasty Purchase

Can we all unanimously agree that hasty decisions are hugely impulsive and can be disastrous? A great discount deal alone cannot be the deciding factor for your purchase. Who knows you would end up buying a machine for something that’s easier when done manually, so even with discount you end up in a loss. Don’t rush into deciding anything, give it the time and effort required

8. Failure to Differentiate Between Want and Need

We all know somebody who went ahead and bought a huge coffee machine they regretted buying later. A capsule coffee machine will not fulfill the need for a simple filter coffee machine that comes with a timer. Think about what you need, not what you want. More so, if the need involves other people in the family.

9. No Support service

Being new to using a coffee maker at home or even at work, you don’t know when you might need someone’s expert opinion or advise or help. You buying the machine from a brand that has no proper customer care would mean you either have to attend to it yourself or get an electrician for something that could be very silly. You might think it is not important enough to consider support service but it is, even more for a newbie.

10. No Warranty

You bought a coffee machine that fits your exact requirement and you are exceedingly happy but there is a technical glitch and you have no warranty because you did not check for it. What a quandary to find oneself in! Always look for a coffee maker that has a warranty of some time attached to it. Electrical appliances should always be bought with performance warranty attached to them.

Wrapping Up

These are the basic mistakes that any person who is new to coffee and coffee maker might end up making. The purpose is to encourage people to not make these silly mistakes and make their coffee experience a memorable one. You can learn more here.…

Delaware Could Be Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Very Soon

It wasn’t long ago when Delaware legalized medical marijuana. Now about 8 years later, the road to fully legalizing marijuana in the state has never been so clear. While there are still lots of hurdles to pass through, the possibility of full legalization doesn’t seem so bleak.
Could the state really legalize recreational marijuana? The debate is still on and either parties seem to be equipped with the right words to say. Let’s look into the current happenings and what could be the possible events a few days from now.

Current Situation in DE

Just a year ago, a measure that proposed to legalize marijuana was defeated by just four votes. It was sponsored by the former state representative, Helene Keeley. Since then, efforts have been made to push with the measures.

Last June 5, a bill was able to clear a House committee in the latest General Assembly in Delaware. This meant that marijuana might be legalized for those who are 21 years old and older.
During the assembly, members of the state in the Finance Committee and House Revenue listened to the points of both supports and opponents. Two hours of debate points thrown here and there were both to express just how much it could affect public health and safety in the long run.

The strongest point from the supporters was that it would be taking marijuana away from the hands of the black market and into legal regulation which will put an end to disparities, especially between races who are arrested for possession.

The supporters wanted to point out that the industry already exists and that the best way to go would be to give the reins of the industry to the state which can expand the industry in the state, create more jobs, and increase the revenue it’s already getting.

Opponents, on the other hand, testified that there are repercussions to marijuana usage, especially on one’s mental and physical health. Division of Public Health Director, Dr. Karyl Rattay said that users might use this as a gateway drug.

Other issues raised were road dangers, saying that there could be no guarantee on which drivers were high and driving. As being expounded, this poses as a strong public safety threat for all members of the state.

Contents of the Proposal

It’s not yet clear on whether the bill actually gets approved but it sure does seem to be surpassing challenges quite easily. Now, let’s take a look at the contents of the proposal and what might happen if the bill will be passed.


If ever the bill gets approved and the state goes full on legal with marijuana, the marijuana industry in the state will be overseen by a committee appointed by the state to specifically do just that.
A DE marijuana commissioner will also be appointed and be given the authority to create and adopt new regulations. The commissioner would also be required to submit reports on a yearly basis to the governor and the General Assembly.


Those who live in DE and are over 21 years old can purchase and have up to 28.4 grams or an ounce of marijuana with them. These adults are also limited to having just 5 grams of marijuana concentrates, regardless if they’re edibles or vape liquids.

Tax and Sales

The state would tax marijuana products at 15%. It would also be taxing licensing fees for cultivating, manufacturing, selling, and testing the plants and products being sold.

Buying and Consumption

Selling hours will still be the same with alcohol selling hours. Marijuana still won’t be legally allowed to be smoked in public.
Drivers and passengers are also not allowed to smoke marijuana before getting into vehicles. Users can only smoke pot in places where cigarettes and electronic versions are allowed to be smoked.


Still, even if the bill gets approved, residents still won’t be able to grow their own marijuana at home. Everything has to be purchased at dispensaries and getting caught with your own plant can land you in jail.

Dispensary or Cultivation Center

50 indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities will be initially authorized along with 15 retail stores, 10 manufacturing factories, and 5 testing facilities.
Those who want to manufacture or test must get a license and pay the fee of $10,000 bi-annually. Cultivating licenses will need to pay $2,500 every 2 years and will increase by $2,500 up to $10,000 depending on the size of the facility.

As of the moment, we can only wait for the results. Whether it gets passed or not, people can still register to the medical marijuana program of Delaware here: https://www.veriheal.com/delaware/. Stay tuned for more updates because it’s bound to get more noisy in the next couple of months.…

Cholesterol – Effects of cholesterol diet on health

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in your blood. It builds up on the artery walls.LDL is the bad cholesterol. It causes build up on your artery walls.HDL is the good cholesterol. It helps fight build up of fats on the artery walls.Triglycerides are a different fat-like substance. It works like LDL cholesterol.Cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease.Heat disease is the number one killer of women in the United States.

Cholesterol Chart

Total Cholesterol

  • Less than 200 mg/dl……….good
  • 200-239 mg/dl…………….borderline high
  • Over 240 mg/dl……………high

LDL Cholesterol

  • Less than 100 mg/dl……….excellent
  • 100-129 mg/dl…………….average
  • 130-159 mg/dl…………….borderline high
  • 160-189 mg/dl…………….high
  • Over 190 mg/dl……………very high

HDL Cholesterol

  • Above 60 mg/dl……………very good
  • 40-59 mg/dl………………good
  • Below 40 mg/dl……………major health risk


  • 150-199 mg/dl…………….borderline high
  • Above 199 mg/dl…………..high

Cholesterol affects you can control

  • Diet- Eat foods low in saturated fats and low in cholesterol. Choline is the vitamin most responsible for controlling cholesterol and fat build up in your body. A Choline supplement may be worth trying to help lower your LDL cholesterol. Weight- Being overweight can raise your LDL and lower your HDL.
  • Physical Exercise- Exercise at least 30 minute per day to lower LDL and raise your HDL.

Cholesterol affects you cannot control

  • Age- Women have lower total cholesterol than men until menopause. After menopause you must take extra care to keep your cholesterol levels in the good range.
  • Heredity- Your genes play a roll in how much cholesterol your body makes.

Now let’s determine your risk of heart disease

How many of the following heart disease risk factors do you have?

*smoke cigarettes

*high blood pressure (over 140/90) or on blood pressure medication

*HDL cholesterol lower than 40 mg/dl

*Family history of heart disease (father/brother before age 55, mother/sister before age 65)

*over age 55 (for women only, men over age 45)

How many heart disease risk factors do you have?

If you have 2 or more you need to take the Framingham cholesterol risk system to determine your heart disease risk.

Now let us determine your risk category using health factors and, if needed, your Framingham score.

  • Level I: heart disease, diabetic, or score over20% (highest risk)
  • Level II: 2 or more risk factors and a score of 10%-20% (next highest risk)
  • Level III: 2 or more risk factors and a score below 10% (moderate risk)
  • Level IV: 0 or 1 risk factors (low to moderate risk)

What you should do based on your risk level.

  • Level I. If your LDL is over 100 start a cholesterol lowering diet. If your LDL is between 100 and 129 consult your health care provider to see if drug treatment is required. If your LDL level is 130 or higher a drug treatment program is needed.
  • Level II. If your LDL is higher than 130 a cholesterol lowering diet is needed. If after 3 months your level hasn’t dropped below 130 a drug treatment may be needed.
  • Level III. If your LDL is higher than 130 a cholesterol lowering diet is needed. If your LDL is higher than 160 after using the diet for 3 months drug treatment may be needed.
  • Level IV. If your LDL is higher than 160 a cholesterol lowering diet is needed. If after 3 months your cholesterol is still above 160 drug treatment may be needed. If your LDL is over 190 drug treatment may be needed.

How To Cleanse your skin naturally

Give the Cleansing Your Skin Deserves with Facials

Never rest with what mom and dad gave you. Just because you look pretty now, doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way for a long time.

The secret to looking good is to have healthy skin. And to have healthy skin, you need to eat healthy, exercise and take good care of your skin.

And one of the ways to clean your skin and to achieve a glow that will last a long time this is to constantly make sure that your skin is clean.

How do you clean your face? It’s simple. Wash it with soap and water. Never go to sleep with an unwashed face.

However, apart from doing the regular regimen of cleaning your face, there are also other ways to an even deeper cleansing but also to rejuvenate your skin.

This procedure is called a facial and it is available in skin care clinics like Tropicalaser of Long Island.

What this does is clean your face using natural ingredients like pear and poppy seed and cranberry promegranate.

This procedure, done by trained professionals, cleanses the pores deeply so that the dirt that are trapped and not taken out by simply washing your face.

These products contain anti-oxidants and vitamins that will leave your skin looking all clean, fresh and glowing.

What is Caralluma Actives?

One way of losing weight is to send false signals to the brain a refill. But how this is done? Now, everybody, all help with weight loss and diet pills made possible to lose weight acai claims like the fact there has heard of natural ingredients such as hoodia and goji berries. These diet pills are known in Caralluma Actives appetite way and are an example.

To increase this diet pill suppresses appetite and stamina, particularly in South India Caralluma Fimbriata is said to be used by labor class a succulent plant native to India a little-known plant extract is made. These plants are thought to be used to fight off hunger for centuries by Indian tribes. It even has a natural ability to reduce appetite so the “famine plant” was selected.

Caralluma Actives What is the consumer ‘s appetite reduces hunger control have the ability. The plant extracts active ingredients as the end of taking a person’s weight down will strip food intake reduction, resulting in food cravings minimize pregnane glycosides, flavone glycosides, Megastigm main glycosides are, Bitter Principles, saponins so basic as components include phytochemicals.

Also, at the same time energy levels, but also metabolism and endurance increases, reduce the fatigue you more energizes and increases the metabolism. Appetite drown by it in the end much more weight and lose fat helps so much to eat I feel like I will

Just another hunger and appetite as it is, Caralluma Actives, especially consumer confidence hunger to help you manage you created. Consumers calorie intake change and an exercise program recommended to take welcome, but why some reviews are based, no weight loss product by itself to produce the results to be expected, ie.

As far as side effects with respect to, the Caralluma Actives active ingredients in detail with tests went and toxicity and because of all natural any of the components of a serious side effect free proven that it is said. Most other weight loss supplements, ulcers, anxiety, cramps, nausea, such as diarrhea and disturbing side effects cause may be harmful chemicals contain. Caralluma active through, such a side effect of not only weight loss there.


Caralluma Actives What is about to get more information for, and appetite suppression struggle helps to Caralluma Fimbriata Extract active substances benefit how, and proper weight loss and management implemented a new healthy look for ready- get.

But this plant is just an appetite suppressant that. This is any synthetic chemicals with mixed in- pure extracts containing a natural substance that, no side effects to living some assurance the consumer gives.

She separate from India in most countries is not ready, such as self -containing products are to be content will have. Conveniently, this article contains the product order or just the local pharmacies, and pharmacies can buy guidelines give their website a place has. Different does not have a product, because But, a consumer they are the most effective a purchase sure would.…

Benefits Of Garlic -Why to have garlic in your diet?

The benefits of garlic as a dietary supplement have been heralded for many years. Let’s separate fact from fiction so you can make an informed choice.


Out of 37 observational studies 28 showed some help in preventing cancer. The problem is these studies were simply use garlic versus don’t use garlic.

    • Fact 1; Garlic does help prevent cancer.Out of 37 random trials dehydrated garlic (pills, liquid, etc.) showed a reduction in the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides after 3 months.
    • Fact 2; Garlic does help lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.In 27 small placebo/garlic controlled trials there was no differences worth mentioning for lowering blood pressure.
    • Fact 3; There is no evidence at the current time to support garlic as a means to lower blood pressure.In 12 small, random tests, no changes occurred in the C peptide levels or serum insulin.
    • Fact 4; Garlic has little or no effect on the glucose.Ten small trials were encouraging for platelet aggregation and plasma viscosity. Due to poor testing methods more research is needed.
    • Fact 5; For platelet aggregation and plasma viscosity garlic may be of some help.A 3 year trial to determine the effects on myocardial infarction showed no difference between the placebo and those taking 6-10 grams of garlic ether extract. This trial did have some reporting problems so may be inconclusive.
    • Fact 6; While not totally conclusive, it appears garlic has no effect on myocardial infarction.In two double-blind trials the distance a person having atherosclerotic lower extremity disease could walk without pain increased over a 12-16 week period. When combined with soya lecithin, hawthorn oil, and wheat germ oil the distance increased even further,
    • Fact 7; Anyone suffering from atherosclerotic lower extremity disease will probably have less pain walking if taking a garlic supplement.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2Hbm_8y8uU


It’s obvious that garlic has many benefits as a dietary supplement. However more testing is needed under controlled situations to determine the true benefits of garlic.

Please visit the Pregnancy page if you are of child bearing age!

Remember that garlic is no different than anything else we put into our bodies. Some people will have side effects. The benefits of garlic come at the price of bad breath and body odor. Less obvious and not proven are flatulence, abdominal pain, asthma, myocardial infarction, bleeding, rhinitis, small intestine obstruction, and possibly a few other things. As with any supplement: check with your health care provider and discontinue use if you notice any side effects.…

Healthy Diet for Summers in 2019

Dietary Guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services will guide us on our healthy eating diet shopping trip. To make things easy we will shop only for ourselves and only for one week. Since we’re not on a diet I think we should go all out with a 2000 calorie diet.

Note: Items in red are the dietary requirements provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Healthy Diet for Summer

I’ll get the Fruit (no added sugar or fats) (one medium fruit equals a cup) (14 cups)

  • 4- oranges
  • 4- bananas
  • 32 ounces- fruit juice (unsweetened)
  • 1 large- a bunch of grapes

You get the dark green vegetables (13 cups)

  • 1 cup- broccoli
  • 1 cup- romaine lettuce
  • 1 cup- spinach

You might as well get the orange vegetables too (5 cups)

  • 1 cup- carrots
  • 1 cup- sweet potatoes (no butter or salt please)

I’ll get the legumes (3 cups)

  • 1 cup- pinto beans
  • 1 cup- lentils
  • 1 cup- tofu

This healthy eating diet shopping isn’t much fun

I’ll grab the starchy vegetables while I’m here (3 cups)

  • 1 cup- white potatoes
  • 1 cup- corn
  • 1 cup- green peas

You get the other vegetables (6.5 cups)

  • 2 medium tomatoes = 2 cups
  • 16 ounces- tomato juice
  • 1 cup- green beans
  • 1 cup- lettuce
  • ½ cup- onions

We will both get the whole grains (21 servings, ounces)

  • 1 cup- brown rice
  • 1 cup- oatmeal (no sugar) (if you add milk remember to deduct it from milk group)
  • 5 pieces- whole wheat bread

That was fun; let’s get the other grains together too (21 servings, ounces)

  • 1 cup- white rice
  • 1 cup- enriched pasta (be careful to deduct anything you put on the pasta)
  • 5 ounces- enriched grain cereal
  • I remember when grocery shopping was fun. Oh well, we must get our healthy eating dietary needs.

Lean meat or beans, I’ll get these (38.5 ounces)

  • 12 ounce- lean steak (I’m splurging)
  • 8 ounce- chicken breasts (2 servings)
  • 2 medium- eggs
  • 6 ounces- fish
  • 2 ounces- nuts
  • 6.5 ounces- hamburger (hey, I deserve it; I ate nuts last night for dinner)

Your turn, we need milk (21 cups of skim milk)

  • 1 gallon- skim milk
  • 1 quart- skim milk

You might as well get the oil too (5.5 ounces)

6 ounce- vegetable oil spread (no trans fats)

Now the fun part

1456 calories a week for anything you want.

OH NO! That’s only 208 per day. A 12-ounce soft drink or a 12-ounce beer is 140 calories. I guess I’ll drink skim milk. After all, this is a healthy eating diet.


Oooops, I almost forgot, we need to check our cholesterol first. Please click on the cholesterol link to determine your health risks now.

No matter where your LDL levels fall I’d like to recommend a natural fiber supplement to help lower your cholesterol. For a more complete cholesterol lowering formula try this natural vegetable supplement. It has fiber and enzymes to burn more fat. Either of these alternative health supplements will benefit your heart and supplement your healthy eating diet.

What do you think?

If you can adhere to this healthy eating diet you will not need much in the way of nutritional supplements. For everyone else, we need a little help with our nutrition. As you can see the Dietary Guidelines are hard to create a weekly menu with. The pyramid looks good though. Have you tried to create a 7-day menu, with 3 meals a day, from our shopping trip? I tried but failed. There is a little play with the Dietary Guidelines but not much. Now would be a good time to think about a multivitamin. We will supplement the multivitamin later using the Dietary Guidelines, our healthy eating diet, and the UL (upper limit) guidelines.…