Avoid These 10 Stupid Coffee Maker Buying Mistakes That Newbies Make

Even if you have been a coffee lover, having a coffee maker at your home is a whole new ball game. It will still take a lot of research to decide what you want to buy. Buying a coffee machine can be a passionate decision for some, however it is important to be rational when deciding it.

Types of Coffee Makers

There are a various types of coffee makers. Let us take a look at some below for better understanding.

French Press

Coffee maker with a cylindrical container where the coffee grounds are placed, submerged in water. Next, you need to press the plunger and crush the grounds to make your coffee. The coffee is served from the top of the coffee maker. French Press is small, handy and makes good coffee.


Aeropress is a unique and compact coffee maker. It is lightweight, small and very efficient. Like French Press, you need to plunge down and make the coffee by crushing the grounds submerged in water. The coffee, however, comes out from bottom unlike the French Press. The grounds are left behind as the coffee comes out. The USP is that it works both ways.

Auto Drip Brewer

This is the most common and also widely sold coffee maker around the world. They are easy to use, inexpensive and automatic. The coffee maker has least manual interference and hence a convenient choice. Auto drip brewer is available in all shapes and sizes.

Usual Mistakes That People Make While Buying A Coffee Maker

Buying a coffee maker is a prominent decision. There are no two ways to conclude that any impulsive purchase of huge amount has a 50% probability of being a bad decision. It is important that the emotion is kept aside when deciding the model of coffee maker to avoid the below mistakes.

1. Not Doing A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Any purchase you make should be worth the amount you pay. You should be getting the worth of the money in the form of service. A machine that has a higher price tag can be a bad product and a product with a comparatively low price can be an efficient one. Compare the features, brand, service and price to decide of the cost is worth the benefit.

2. Rejecting Premature Options

When the decision is passion driven, you end up rejecting good and viable options without actually valuing them. If you decide that a coffee maker model is bad because it is cheaply priced or because it is second hand, that’s a premature rejection. Check the reviews, compare the features and then reject or approve it.

3. Blind Brand Loyalty

Don’t decide on buying a coffee maker because the brand is supposed to be good. It could very well be a disaster for you. Any decision taken based on the merely name of the brand and no other basis has grave chances of being one you’d go on to regret. It might result in the purchase of a product you never use, which defeats the entire purpose.

4. Undefined Needs

Merely the desire for a coffee maker does not identify your need. There are numerous types of coffee makers, each delivering on a different need. One would have more boilers, while one would make more quantity of coffee. You cannot get a coffee maker that gives caffeine shots if what you need is an extra milk coffee mug. Plan out exactly what you need and buy the model that achieves the same.

5. Ignoring The Ancillary Costs

Merely paying for the coffee machine is not your expense. Planning just for the cost of coffee machine is silly. You will need to check on the running costs like add on features you need, the ingredients required for the type of coffee maker that you have chosen, usage of power, etc. All of this must be taken into consideration when costing the purchase.

6. Buying an Overly Complex Machine

Buying a machine that you cannot figure out the working of is not an uncommon mistake. People see the coffee machines at cafes or restaurant and buy the same one without realizing that the mechanism could be too complex and unnecessary for daily use at home. This also blocks the avengue of usage of machine by anyone else at your home who needs a coffee.

7. Hasty Purchase

Can we all unanimously agree that hasty decisions are hugely impulsive and can be disastrous? A great discount deal alone cannot be the deciding factor for your purchase. Who knows you would end up buying a machine for something that’s easier when done manually, so even with discount you end up in a loss. Don’t rush into deciding anything, give it the time and effort required

8. Failure to Differentiate Between Want and Need

We all know somebody who went ahead and bought a huge coffee machine they regretted buying later. A capsule coffee machine will not fulfill the need for a simple filter coffee machine that comes with a timer. Think about what you need, not what you want. More so, if the need involves other people in the family.

9. No Support service

Being new to using a coffee maker at home or even at work, you don’t know when you might need someone’s expert opinion or advise or help. You buying the machine from a brand that has no proper customer care would mean you either have to attend to it yourself or get an electrician for something that could be very silly. You might think it is not important enough to consider support service but it is, even more for a newbie.

10. No Warranty

You bought a coffee machine that fits your exact requirement and you are exceedingly happy but there is a technical glitch and you have no warranty because you did not check for it. What a quandary to find oneself in! Always look for a coffee maker that has a warranty of some time attached to it. Electrical appliances should always be bought with performance warranty attached to them.

Wrapping Up

These are the basic mistakes that any person who is new to coffee and coffee maker might end up making. The purpose is to encourage people to not make these silly mistakes and make their coffee experience a memorable one. You can learn more here.…